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The effects of herpes

The effects of herpes are: CNS, impaired formation of internal organs, external deformities and even death of the child. You cannot open the bubbles and the crust, in the best case; it will cause the appearance of scars, and at worst lead to infection of healthy skin. Particularly dangerous is an eye infection, it leads to the development of ophthalmic. In half of the clinical cases of the disease is fraught with partial or complete loss of vision.

Long duration of genital herpes causes metabolic disorders in the epithelial cells, which causes cracks and dryness of mucous membranes and skin. The cracks are very painful and cause much discomfort. Upon accession, bacterial-fungal infections observed persistent v*ginal discharge, itching and burning. Complications of genital herpes depend on the specific localization of the disease .

Cervical lesions may cause abortion, infertility chronic and lead to the formation and growth of malignant tumors (cancer of the cervix). The development of the herpes virus in the nerve structures causes persistent pelvic pain syndromes, neuritis, ganglionitis, and prostate cancer.

The effects of herpes zoster include fatigue, insomnia, pain in the field of localization, fever. Such manifestations persist for years after the treatment of the disease. Nonspecific complications occur when connecting to other herpes viral or bacterial infections.

These include: inflammation of the respiratory (pneumonia), liver, kidney, pancreas, the development of rheumatoid arthritis, disorders of the nervous system, cardiovascular system, Alzheimer's disease, encephalitis, meningitis.

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