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What are the reasons of getting herpes

Herpes looks at this as a cluster of such tumors in an outbreak of bizarre shape and such lesions on the body can be a lot. Within 7 days the bubbles burst, the fluid coming out of them, while the body remains painful sores. Later in the place of these ulcers are formed crusts. Within 14 days after the first bubbles healthy skin cover the affected area.

Shingles and chickenpox are all known the two stages of the same disease; chickenpox is manifested only as a result of primary infection and shingles - secondary. This disease is caused by a virus, herpes zoster, resulting in lesions that appear on the body, such as bubbles, as in a genital herpes.

And if genital herpes passes without a trace, and a woman can not disturb anything until the next relapse, the shingles is Postherpetic neuralgia, which is shown in excruciating pain for several weeks and even months after the healing of bubbles. A characteristic feature of shingles is that the rash appears on only one side of the body.

Cold sores equally affects both men and women, and looks the same as genital herpes and shingles with the only difference that affects the lips of the patient, less mucous membranes of the mouth. Herpes cure is possible if it is followed with proper guidelines of Melanie Addington , who has given some authentic tips to deal with it without any trouble facing situations.

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