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Top Ten Health Care Careers

If you love the idea of working in the health care industry helping people young and old with medical problems, then you have a wide range of jobs to choose from. Health care careers offer millions of individuals professional jobs in which they can use their skills and knowledge of illnesses and conditions to help others. Results from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2006 outline the top ten health care careers. This list is made up by the popularity of each career and how many individuals are in these specific careers today.

Top Two Health Care Careers

The number one health care career is physician assistant. Physician assistants provide diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive health care. The number two health care career is medical records technician. Medical records technicians maintain patient's medical records, including lab tests, x-rays and diagnostics.

Third and Fourth Health Care Careers

The number three health care career is social worker. Social workers help families who face problems such as coping with diseases, social and family problems. The number four health care career is clinical laboratory technician. Clinical laboratory technicians perform tests in order to find diseases.

Fifth and Sixth Health Care Careers

The number five health care career is mental health counselor. Mental health counselors work with people and their families to treat emotional and mental disorders. The number six health care career is medical scientist. Medical scientists do research on human diseases in order to come up with new vaccines and medications.

Seventh and Eighth Health Care Careers

The number seven health care career is pharmacist. Pharmacists work to give patients their prescription medications and advise information on dosages and side effects. The number eight health care career is physical therapist. Physical therapists help improve mobility in patients suffering from injuries.

Ninth and Tenth Health Care Careers

The number nine health care career is medical transcriptionist. Medical transcriptionists transcribe recordings made by professionals into medical reports. The number ten health care career is medical health service manager. Medical health service managers help to direct and supervise how health care is performed.


Careers in the top ten health care jobs are increasing. Salaries range from $25,000 to a six figure income depending on your level of education and experience in each field.


The health care field offers a wide range of opportunities. Factors that contribute to the health care industry are due to population raising, so there will be a need for more treatments, new technology and the needs to help others with illnesses.

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