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How to speed up your metabolism and lose weight.

While on the number of daily meals nutritionists generally do not agree, they all agree on one thing - boosting your metabolism is the key to weight loss

Metabolism is the key to our line, this was the consensus of nutritionists because problems with their weight usually come when metabolism is slow and too processed food we entered.

In such circumstances the normal daily calorie intake becomes too large, and the main disagreement experts is exactly the input mode - whether to eat the classic three meals a day, or better several smaller meals.

More small meals should be the body constantly ensure adequate supply of energy, while others believe it is so much strain on the metabolism and it is better to have smaller meals that need to be balanced.

But regardless of all the differences, they all agree on one thing - breakfast is an essential meal for keeping slim and starting the metabolism.

That is, after metabolism slows during sleep, in the morning it should be encouraged to normal operation breakfast with enough protein, complex carbohydrates and fiber. https://storify.com/melanie90/is-herpes-dangerous-during-pregnancy#publicize

Proper and regular breakfast can speed up basal metabolism and ten percent compared to wrongly selected foods, therefore, do not skip breakfast, it's good for your line.

Morning Banana Diet - miracle or false

Bananas are known to stimulate the digestion and this is the first evidence that the breakfast of bananas could actually act on weight loss

Morning banana diet devised a pharmacist in Osaka Seiko Watanabe for her husband Hitoshi who reportedly lost about 16 pounds without a problem. This diet was originally became popular through word of mouth, and then thanks to the most popular Japanese social network Maxi , and apparently very effective in losing weight. The diet is based on easily digestible and relatively resistant starch properties of bananas that speed up weight loss. The point is quite simple - a person eats breakfast bananas and lunch, snack and dinner whatever she wants. Sounds too good? Let's see...

Bananas are known to stimulate the digestion and this is the first evidence that the breakfast banana could really act. Bananas have fiber and starch content, which are great for digestion. However, bananas at the same time increase the level of sugar in the blood, thus creating an energy rush that turn quickly go limp. In other words, if you eat breakfast bananas will soon feel hungry again so we would not be bad to mix them with a little yogurt and ice cubes and make a smoothie that will control your appetite.

Realistically, except for the fact that aid digestion, in terms of losing weight and bananas do not have any other value is considered Kathleen M. Zelman from WebMD's , and therefore the eventual weight loss, if you ignore exercise and eat what you want and how you want, and even avoid alcohol and ice cream, at best, be temporary.

Bananas are a great source of energy and play an important role in any weight loss plan and diet, but they alone cannot be credited for weight loss. It is not wise nor a diet based on whole morning breakfast of bananas - common sense dictates that inattention to food is unlikely to help you lose weight no matter how many bananas eaten in the morning. However, it is advisable to eat a banana in the morning to facilitate job digestive system, but if you want to lose weight, eating or starvation does not go without exercise. In other words, you need to consume more calories than they enter.

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