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August 18 2014


Ultimate Herpes Protocol EBook Review - What you need to know about herpes treatment

For the herpes treatment there is a new stage when the blisters burst and sores appear. This period is the most dangerous and is considered the most infectious. When the sores begin to dry up, then there is the crust, which indicates the completion of the inflammatory process. You cannot peel as may remain scars.

Crust itself will disappear when the time comes, and the skin will become clean again. The virus then "sleeps" until the next recurrence. The whole process from the rash to their healing takes about two weeks. This occurs if there are no complications.

The first outbreak of the disease is more severe of all, in the subsequent healing is faster. Herpes usually occurs on the same field. The virus is able to literally "crawl" through the body. If all the time to touch the sores, the infection can spread throughout the body. http://www.bodytiteforum.co.uk/forum/general-discussion/2422-what-are-the-causes-of-herpes-zoster.html#2422

Note - At the first eruptions advised to consult a doctor. Since herpes is not so harmless, can be a symptom of encephalitis and meningitis.
Helpful Hint - To combat the virus physicians prescribe ointments, tablets, and the immunostimulating agents. Patients often resort to folk treatments. If they really help overcome the symptoms of herpes, then use them is not forbidden.

Which ointment to treat herpes labialis - Herpes is a viral disease in which enough sleeps grouped blisters on the mucous membranes and skin? Herpes simplex virus type 1 causes a rash on the lips. Disease begins with a burning sensation and tingling in the lips. Subsequently, there are swollen red blisters that opened and sores appear.

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